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Friendship Heart Gallery Exhibit and Art Sale

We are proud to partner with our downtown Lancaster neighbors at Friendship Heart Gallery to bring you a showcase of the amazing work created by FHG's Heart Artists (all members of our local community who just happen to have intellectual disabilities). You can read about our partnership on our BR Places: Blog, Here.

Check out the exhibit, and purchase the pieces on display at our showroom - 240 N Prince Street, Lancaster (limited parking is available behind our showroom off of Water Street)!

Payments may be made by check or by calling FHG from our showroom with your credit card information after you select your perfect piece.

Check Out the Friendship Heart Gallery BR Art Exhibit Installation Video, Below:



Benjamin Roberts Permanent Collection

Rebecca Fox of Rebecca Fox Art Gallery, Lancaster 

"Young Love"

2015 - Oil on Canvas

The Story: 

In 2008, local painter Rebecca Fox took the photo, below, of a couple standing outside our showroom. In 2018, we stumbled across her painting of that scene on Etsy and said, “Hey! That’s our building!” 

Rebecca’s beautiful painting is now part of our permanent collection.



Rich Moorehead of Art of Board, Hanover

2018 - Recycled Skateboards


Quilt Pieced by Rose Wiebe Haury and Quilted by MCC Volunteers - 2008 - Brethren Disaster Relief Auction


Michelle Miller of Michelle Miller Illustration, Lancaster


"Gather Series"

Featuring the Gather Series by Allsteel

2012 - Watercolor

"Angel" - 2007


Carson Bohlen of Carson Bohlen Creations, Philadelphia (formerly of Lancaster)


"Furniture Man"

Recycled Furniture Pieces - 2015

The Story:

What happens when you take a young, local artist full of creativity and ideas, put him in a room full of old furniture parts and junk, and turn him loose to create whatever seems to fit? You get a Furniture Man!

This upcyled sculpture, which includes everything from chair mechanisms, drawer slides, panels systems, and more that were sitting on shelves at Benjamin Roberts for years, now stands guard next to the recption desk in our showroom.


Art and Glassworks, Lancaster

Custom Stained Glass Piece Featuring the Old Benjamin Roberts Logo