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Collaborative Seating

Gather around in comfort

Many of today’s workspaces are driven by team interaction and sharing. If such collaboration defines your office philosophy, we can help you choose open seating and floor plan options that match the way you work.


A few examples:

Allsteel Gather

The design of Gather was based on thought-provoking research: how, why, and for how long people collaborate, whether it's on a street corner, in the coffee shop, or as a chance encounter in the hallway on the way to lunch. What we discovered is that what happens when we collaborate is often spontaneous, invigorating, and even productive.

We've put our thoughts together on how we view collaboration in the work environment, and specifically what it takes to design effective collaborative spaces that people will not only want to use, but will find as a productive oasis to get work done outside of the traditional workstation.

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Allsteel Involve

Involve's modular design brings everything together to accommodate all the different ways work gets done. From private office to open plan and beyond. It incorporates soft seating to encourage interaction, laminate storage options to support active work, and screens that define space and create varied separation.

By incorporating soft seating to create impromptu meeting areas, Involve transforms a collection of individual workstations into a dynamic neighborhood that encourages spontaneous collaboration. Allowing you to easily shift from individual work to group interaction.

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Hon Flock

Everyone feels the need to get up and move during the day, and Flock supports that need for spontaneity and interaction by enabling greater productivity throughout an entire environment. Flock’s collection of tables, seating, ottomans and lighting are modular elements that help people connect virtually anywhere. Even the smallest settings can be designed to give users a place to get away from their workstation and get the job done stylishly and comfortably. Flock’s focused family of products is designed to work together to turn any space into a social, collaborative area.

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Allsteel Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the newest addition to Allsteel’s Gather collection of furniture. Like its sister products, Clubhouse addresses the modern workplace’s need for flexibility in an open office design. By forming – not filling – a room, it creates a secluded space within any place.

The brainstorm retreat. A private area for the job interview. The temporary office for writing that memo to the boss. Whatever the activity, Clubhouse communicates to others that work is happening inside.

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