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Executive Chairs

Stylish performance for the C-suite

Leadership has its rewards. Choose from comfortable high-back chairs in nearly any design from the traditional to the ultra-contemporary—plus select from a wide range of leather surfaces and rich upholstery that are executive suite must-haves.



Some examples:

Allsteel Acuity

Designed in collaboration with Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia, Acuity was created with Italian sensibility and Allsteel ingenuity. Its design and ergonomics work seamlessly while the controls are intuitive. Acuity is elegant and pleasing to the eye, as anything inessential has been stripped away, leaving behind only a purity of form.

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Allsteel #19

The #19 work chair is the sum expression of 18 integral parts – each one custom designed – plus one equally integral human being. It began with you: how you sit, move, work, adjust, and recline. So it moves naturally with you, keeps you supported in every position, and makes you comfortable throughout the day, which means you can stay focused on ideas and concentrate on work.

Numerous technologies make #19 a singular innovation, and nothing was added for appearance alone. It delivers unsurpassed comfort, performance, sitting health, and a distinctive aesthetic perfect for executive offices and high-intensity workstations.

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Hon Endorse

Comfort is experienced, not perceived. An office chair layered in bulky padding may look comfortable, but it also looks… well… bulky. Technology has helped make everything slimmer, trimmer, and more streamlined—from TVs to mobile phones. Nucleus brings the same sophisticated, high-tech aesthetic to office seating without sacrificing comfort.

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