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Public Space and Lobby Chairs

Uncommon seating for common spaces

Make any space more inviting and productive, even higher-traffic areas. Create a casual space for conversation and the occasional meeting. Transform a utilitarian lobby into a warm, welcoming space for visitors. Furnish an ancillary space with sofas and other soft seating choices to encourage relaxation and social exchange.


A few ideas:

Hon Flock

Welcoming areas are now versatile and dynamic spaces used for impromptu meetings, supporting collaboration between coworkers, or as a place to hold a small group meeting instead of reserving a private space.

Think lounge areas, atriums, and coffee bars. These are typically larger areas within a space where people naturally migrate throughout the day to socialize and collaborate. Every space has unique characteristics. Well-planned layouts utilize them all. When designed correctly, these are great change-of-pace spaces that invite interaction and provide a well deserved break from heads down concentration.

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National Fringe

 This is the Fringe Collaborative Lounge Collection. With Fringe, you create spaces where people actually want to be. Whether it is in a corporate setting, community area, or in an education or healthcare environment, Fringe delivers privacy, openness, comfort, style and extreme flexibility from a single collection that moves with the way your organization moves. Responsibly produced and thoughtfully designed, the Fringe collection is casual yet elegant with a mix of materials including rich veneers and durable laminates to serve your balance of sophistication and functionality. With a bevy of models to meander or encapsulate, as well as a stunning club chair, make your space extraordinary with Fringe.

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Allsteel Parallel

Designed in partnership with furniture designer Chris Adamick, Parallel is a collection of soft seating and tables that adapts to a variety of spaces. From reception areas to collaborative workspaces, Parallel accommodates different functions while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. With HBF Textiles, Allsteel fabrics, or even a designer’s own material, Parallel allows you to make a strong first impression anywhere it’s used.

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Hon Endorse

People thrive when given the ability to seamessly transition from focused, heads-down tasks to collaborative shared environments. Endorse is one of the only product families to bring design consistency to every space, from welcoming areas to workstations. Beyond the cohesive aesthetic, the collection enables productivity by supporting informal interactions with a variety of seating and table solutions that deliver comfort, convenience and connectivity.

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Allsteel Retreat

Designed in partnership with Bendtsen Design Associates, Retreat is a collection of space defining lounge pieces that support real work in underutilized open environments. The seating geometry of the Retreat collection has been scaled to support active work postures. The lounge collection includes Wing Back, High Back, Low Back, and Ottoman.

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