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Contemporary Desks

Future perfect

How do you define today’s contemporary-style desk? Its design is dynamic and leading-edge, accented with metals, glass and hardwood veneers to showcase your individuality, but all without losing sight of functionality.

National Waveworks

WaveWorks captures the essence of imagination with a sea of choices, dynamic design, sustainable insight and unapparent affordability. WaveWorks is your go-to all-inclusive desk and tables solution with infinite possibilities from a variety of materials, finishes, profiles and pulls. Rich hardwood veneers finished with IntegraClear™ and Antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology, durable laminate solutions and sleek metal solutions showcase the flexibility and stylish combinations you can create with WaveWorks.

Hon Valido

We all work in our own unique way, and Valido works with you to customize a space that reflects your personal taste. With more storage solutions than even before, including smaller files, larger capacity cabinets and multiple bookcase styles, everything is neatly stowed away. Valido also offers a wide selection of materials, colors, and finishing touches to create the contemporary style you desire.  In short, Valido gives you more to work with, even when working with less space.