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Here are just a few examples of the seating solutions available through Benjamin Roberts:

Task Chairs

Pictured at Pennsylvania School Boards Association, Mechanicsburg

HON Endorse task chairs can be tailored to almost any setting and enrich the look of your facility with streamlined shapes and outstanding fit and finish. Learn more on HON’s website >

Learn how to make ergonomic adjustments to some task chairs, HERE.

Guest Chairs

Pictured at Transteck Inc., Harrisburg

Lavoro guest chairs by National Office Furniture are a comfortable and functional place for visitors to your office to pull up a chair and get to work. Learn more on National’s website >

Conference Room Chairs

Pictured at Sungard Availability Services, Wayne

The Allsteel #19 chair moves naturally with you, keeps you supported in every position, and makes you comfortable throughout the day, which means you can stay focused on ideas and concentrate on work. Learn more on Allsteel’s website >

Training Room Chairs

Pictured at Penn Credit, Harrisburg

The Allsteel Relate family of chairs is a single solution for the entire office with its contemporary design, active ergonomic features, and range of seating options. Learn more on Allsteel’s website >

Collaborative Seating

Pictured at Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown

The Kozmic Collaborative Collection by National Office Furniture is a versatile solution for open plan spaces, with a combination of spines, seating, and tables that provide the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for sitting, leaning, standing, and perching. Learn more on National’s website >

Lounge and Lobby Seating

Pictured in the Cooper Student Center at HACC-Harrisburg Campus

Kimball Villa Lounge Seating can be arranged in endless configurations or used in freestanding arrangements. Optional full-height SHADE™ privacy divider panels, work surfaces, and built-in power and USB hubs fit the evolving needs of tech-savvy workers and students. Learn more on Kimball's website >

Cafe Seating

Pictured at Community First Fund, Lancaster

Jewel by National Office Furniture features a sleek and refined silhouette combined with classic style and contemporary flair with a molded wood shell that provides comfortable support. Learn more on National’s website >

Educational Seating

Pictured in Dauphin County Technical School, Harrisburg

Cinch by National Office Furniture awards comfort, capabilities, value, and durability to the classroom, library, media room, and other education environments. Learn more on National’s website >

Healthcare Seating

Pictured at Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine, Lancaster

La-Z-Boy's Knu Contract Healthcare Recliner provides durable, clean, and contemporary comfort for healthcare environments. Learn more on La-Z-Boy's Knu Contract website >


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