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The next step in collaboration

An innovative concept in the collaborative workspace, benching lets you truly match form and function: achieve productive teamwork without walls, support users who “hotel,” or scale a space to meet variable work volume and staffing. 


Some product examples:

Allsteel Stride Benching

Stride Benching is a new-generation worksetting well-suited for a flexible, collaborative environment. It fosters collaboration by eliminating barriers to teamwork, supports users who spend the majority of their day away from their workspace, and can be scaled to meet the needs of a variety of workers.

Stride Benching features unique storage, a range of separation options, and exceptionally easy access to power. It blends cohesively with the full Stride offering to create one beautiful, functional space. As with all Stride offerings, it offers great design for the environment, for a variety of workers, and for changing business needs.

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Allsteel Further

With an eye toward today, tomorrow, and the unknown, Allsteel presents Further. This systematic approach to planning invites you to continuously re-imagine the workplace, and move business forward with the ability to adapt at a moments notice. Connecting teams. Optimizing real estate. All while supporting a broad range of users and the work they do.

Further is a powerful platform that gives you the freedom to adapt your environment at your own pace - simply, elegantly, and efficiently.

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Hon Empower

Need a simple way to get up and running fast? No problem. Looking to expand and customize workstations for a growing business? Empower does that, too. With Empower benching, you've got the power to do more. Offer more personal space. Enjoy more adaptability.Empower benching fits more people into a smaller area without sacrificing privacy, style or productivity. It helps you respond to changes in your organization by easily adapting and expanding to support new team members and varying work styles. Empower has the scalability to support your growing business as future needs arise.

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