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If your idea of a productive work environment is one where walls don’t exist and people interact and communicate openly, consider a collaborative furniture system and its modular design flexibility.


Furniture for collaboration:

Allsteel Further

Further is a collection of thoughtfully designed elements that helps you plan an inspired, productive workplace where people thrive. You can easily accommodate a variety of workstyles, from highly mobile, interactive workers to more desk-bound, focused work. Using the same components, you are free to create multiple, unique solutions across the entire floorplan that can easily evolve over time to keep up with changing business needs.

Further’s trapezoid worksurface option fuels organic planning by creating more flexible configurations. This unique approach to 120-degree space planning and user orientation shifts the line of sight so people are not facing each other. This open, yet focused environment offers glass screens to create separation and storage that offers easy mobility with seat-cushion tops to encourage impromptu interactions.

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Allsteel Involve

Involve's modular design brings everything together to accommodate all the different ways work gets done. From private office to open plan and beyond. It incorporates soft seating to encourage interaction, laminate storage options to support active work, and screens that define space and create varied separation.

By incorporating soft seating to create impromptu meeting areas, Involve transforms a collection of individual workstations into a dynamic neighborhood that encourages spontaneous collaboration. Allowing you to easily shift from individual work to group interaction.

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