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Open Office Workstations

Helping teams work

The truly open office requires a unique combination of integrated workstations and a thoughtful floor plan design—all built around a deep understanding of the many ways your teams work. 

Sometimes, giving employees the space where collaboration is unobstructed, but individuals can also focus on their own task at hand is the right move.  In these cases, the panel dividers can be completely removed.  Electric and data needs can be carried in the beam structure that ties the desks together.  New shapes and angles can be used to offset desks so that distractions are minimized.

Keeping the use of panels to divide individual space to a minimum, the proper balance of collaboration and individual workspace can be created by thoughtful desk placement and the occasional use of smaller desk mounted dividers. Furniture may be free standing and easily moved, or attached to the low panels.

In areas where employees need to have their own space for focusing, but you don't want to block all the natural light, panels can be kept low, with the option of clear or frosted glass on the top.  This helps to keep distractions to a minimum, but still allows for easy collaboration among the employees.  Storage can be kept low and below the worksurfaces so that no high panels are needed to accomodate overhead units.